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Before to bring your package to a Shipping Location  or send it to the BPS Distribution Center, make sure that your package is properly packed to ensure you will receive the best price for your shipment and to avoid any damage to your contents.

The package must be packed in an enough-resistant box to keep your contents safe during it travels to its destination. Remember that all packages shipped by any transport company are handled by different persons, in different environments, and any package not packed properly can be subject to damages. Insurance does not cover damages when packaging is not properly done. BPS Pack only accepts packages in boxes properly packed.

Any package without a box, with irregular shapes different from the shapes of boxes, are not allowed for shipping. Boxes must be sealed using packing tape, transparent or opaque, that can resist the entire trip and handling.

When packing your shipment, remember:

  1. Use an appropriate box, according to your package weight, measures and contents.
  2. When placing your contents in the box give at least 4 inches of room in each side, top and bottom. Do not allow that your contents touch the sides of the box, including top and bottom. In each side place enough cushion material to ensure that your contents travel safely.
  3. Although the Shipping Location  will place a label to identify your package with your shipping information, use additional caution writing your information in the box. This will prevent that the package may be lost in case that label is accidentally removed during the handling in the route.

Remember that packages assembled taping several packages together are not allowed. BPS Pack is not responsible of shipments that do not comply with these guidelines. Pack properly and ensure that your shipment reach destination on time and safely.





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